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Get the most from your survey experience.

Let's face it; a survey can be an intimidating thing. No one likes to be critiqued. You may be secretly thinking, "If I invite feedback, I'm not sure I'll like what I receive." Believe it or not, you'll actually strengthen your church and your leadership through this exercise. Listening leaders are discerning leaders. Lean in and trust the process.

3 Foundational Areas

What makes a healthy family? Society would tell you each family determines their own happiness or wholeness. Research tells us that certain characteristics and intentional behaviors create strong families: Caring and appreciation, time together, encouragement, commitment and communication to name a few (Krysan, Moore, &Zill, 1990).

In what areas do we need to be intentional especially when it comes to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of our spouse and children?

Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78 give some clear guidelines and behaviors of what that should like. A Biblical family understands the importance of commitment, positive interaction, and spending time together. They pray together and look for other ways to strengthen the family.

We are all passing something on to our children. Biblical families pass a legacy of Christian faith to the children. Parents do this through intentionally finding ways to teach Biblical principles, and apply those principles to life-problems. Parents can no longer abdicate their spiritual authority to the church. Christian Smith, author and professor, has stated that the greatest pastor a child will ever have is their parents.

The Biblical family's task is not complete until the next generation has a Biblical impact on its circle of influence. Being a parent is not just in the moment parenting, it is multi-generational. This impact shapes the children's own future family, church, and community. This view is truly the missional family in its purest form.



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